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Boarhog Butcher - Villain

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Boarhog Butcher is another mutant and Kothar Skran’s brother. As you can see, his mutation came out a little worse than usual, and now he looks like he came out of a Resident Evil video game.

The only one to care about it, he freed his brother once Valoria was taken.



  • Recommended for Resin Printers 
  • Recommended Layer Height: 0.025-0.050mm.
  • All other settings must follow your (3D Printer) recommendations

Pre-Supported: Standard STL file version includes all supports (pre-supported).

Solid Model: You must hollow the 3D print model yourself and add the supports as you wish.


Designed by: Cripta Studios

Happy Printing!


Medium (2 hours - 5 hours)


Boarhog Butcher - Supported Solid - 32 mm

Boarhog Butcher - Solid - 32 mm

Boarhog Butcher - 75 mm

Boarhog Butcher - Supported - Solid - 75 mm

Boarhog Butcher - Supported - Hollow - 75 mm

Base - 32 mm and 75 mm

Cripta Archives Issue #1

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