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Caligo, The Cat - NPC

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3 STLs

  • Thon Potts
  • Valeria & Benor Turian
  • Caligo, the Cat

Once a holy warrior, Thon Potts now lives a peaceful life with his wife and stepson, Valeria & Benor Turian, in the peaceful village of Valoria. His fighting days were over when the last Great War ended. Well, at least that was the plan…


When the Necromancer found out about his location, his days of peace were over! Lohkback made him a prisoner in his own jail while his family managed to flee to the village’s old Chapel. They are protected by holy ground now, but not for long.

Their last hope of survival now lies with Caligo, the family pet cat. In fact, Caligo is a special kind of cat. A guardian angel with a spectral body and wings, he serves as an emissary for the God of Death. He follows those that carry a heavy burden and are found in need of God’s benevolence - which is the case of Thon Potts.

Caligo must find his previous “owner”, Bartolomeu Aulos, and his companions, Asaria Miralana, and Andanor Trosdain. Only they can help Potts and free the village of Valoria!


  • Recommended for Resin Printers 
  • Recommended Layer Height: 0.025-0.050mm.
  • All other settings must follow your (3D Printer) recommendations

Pre-Supported: Standard STL file version includes all supports (pre-supported).

Solid Model: You must hollow the 3D print model yourself and add the supports as you wish.


Designed by: Cripta Studios

Painted by: Tayene Oliveira


Happy Printing!

Medium (2 hours - 5 hours)


Caligo, The Cat - 75 mm

Caligo, The Cat - 32 mm

Cripta Archives Issue #1

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