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Lohkbach, The Conjurer - Villain

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The undead malevolent king of the Outlands, Lohkback!! Also known as “The Conjurer, he was pure evil long before his death by the hand of Thon Potts in the last Great War. The Necromancer didn’t even have to cast a mind-control spell on him. Torture and killing his executioner would be a pleasure and a prize. 


Moved only by revenge, he wishes to make Potts suffer before striking the final blow with Deathstalker, the Corrupted Spear of the Necromancer. 


As if it wasn’t hard enough to face Lohkback alone, he came mounted on the back of a Garoth Beast and ascended a horde of zombies!



  • Recommended for Resin Printers 
  • Recommended Layer Height: 0.025-0.050mm.
  • All other settings must follow your (3D Printer) recommendations

Pre-Supported: Standard STL file version includes all supports (pre-supported).

Solid Model: You must hollow the 3D print model yourself and add the supports as you wish.


Designed by: Cripta Studios


Happy Printing!

Medium (2 hours - 5 hours)


Lohkbach, The Conjurer - 75 mm

Lohkbach, The Conjurer - Supported - Hollow - 75 mm

Lohkbach, The Conjurer - Supported - Solid - 75 mm

Lohkbach, The Conjurer - Supported - 32 mm

Lohkbach, The Conjurer - Solid - 32 mm

Cripta Archives Issue #1

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